December 2, 2023

McKamey Manor

Russ McKamey in the center and his paid actors.

Do you feel like your local haunted houses are just not enough to quench your thirst for a thrill? Well, look no further; this physical survival horror house can be what you have looking for (probably not). This horror house is in Lawrence County, Tennessee. A session of Russ McKamey and his paid actors legally torturing you can last up to eight hours if you can hang. If you beg for the session to end, it’s all up to Russ McKamey to decide if your time is up. There is no safeword.

There are seven requirements to gain entry; first, you must be 21 and above; however, those 18-20 can enter with parent approval. Second, you must complete a “sports physical” from a doctor stating that you are physically and mentally clear. Third, provide a background check provided by McKamey Manor. Fourth, be screened via FB, FaceTime, or phone. Fifth, proof of medical insurance. Sixth, sign a detailed 40-page waiver. Finally, seventh, pass a portable drug test on the day of arrival.

New in 2020, McKamey Manor represents DESCENT. This tour will be different depending on the guest’s fears and can last up to 6 hours. Each guest will be both mentally and physically challenged until the guest’s breaking point. It’s advised by Russ McKamey, that if you plan to attend, do not wear anything expensive or anything you cannot get wet in. It is an aggressive experience; the actors will come into close contact with the guests; however, guests cannot return it. If they do return the contact, they will be removed.

The McKamey Manor YouTube channel has around 287k subscribers. The posts have some disturbing content of people who have decided to take the session. They are being tortured, legally, by Russ and paid actors. They are seen crying, screaming, and being in pain while the actors continue to torture them.

McKamey Manor is featured on the Netflix series Hunters: The Art of The Scare and Dark Tourist (episode eight). Check them out.