July 16, 2024

Public vs Private School: Which one is better?

In the United States there are 97,568 public schools and 34,576 private schools. This shows that private schools are much smaller than public schools compared to size. There are many pros and cons to each school. For example, in private schools, teachers have more of a freedom to curriculum and teaching methods. Whereas public schools tend to teach standardized testing and have to follow a more structured schedule.

My kid has a first-year teacher? With no B.A.? At a private school? |  Fifty-Five Million
Graph showing teachers level of education in public vs private school.

That being said, students in the different environments can have two very different aspects of education and what is important to them after (and if) they graduate school. A few factors that can play a big role in someone’s life is their class, income and their own personal beliefs.

In a private school, students may have more freedom to learn and study their future career choice and any special interest that they may have. Just because there is more free rein that doesn’t mean that one school is better than the other.

A chart comparing public and private schools.

For comparison, 78% of private schools are religiously affiliated while 26% of public schools are unaffiliated. Also, the cost of the two schools can vary between $16,000 for one year intuition of attending a private high school. Rather, in public schools there is no intuition fee however, charge fees can range from $100-$700.

Whichever school you may be in, truly is your choice. There will always be positives and negatives in any situation despite the status, cost and overall quality of the school.