May 24, 2024

Recap of West & Lawrence Free State vs. South High Titans Football

West High game recap

On October 22nd, 2021, the South High Titans football team would matchup against West High in their final regular season game at Friends University.

The Titans would strike first in this one via a 57-yard touchdown run from Quarterback T.J. Neal. The Titans would then intercept the ball on defense and Neal would quickly get his team to the redzone thanks to a 59 yard run. On 3rd and goal, T.J. Neal would connect with his brother Caiden Neal for a 2-yard touchdown pass. But after surrendering 6 points to West, Damieon Beaver would return the kickoff all the way for another Titans touchdown. The Titans would go into halftime with a 22 to 6 lead.

The Titans would go into the second half dominating once again; the final score would be 48 to 28 Titans!

The top 3 players on offense for the Titans in this game would be Quarterback T.J. Neal and Wide Recievers Caiden Neal & Brenden Kirkhart.

(Final Score is incorrect)

Lawrence Free State Playoff game recap

On October 29th, 2021, the South High Titans football team would head to Lawrence to take on the Lawrence Free State Firebirds in their first playoff game of the year. The Firebirds are ranked as #7 in the state of Kansas and #5 in the Kansas Divison 6A.

The Titans would struggle mightly in this game on both sides of the ball. They would go into halftime with a score of 0 to 35. The Titans would not score until the 3rd quarter. The Titans would make some imporvements in the 4th but the deficit would be too much to overcome.

The final score would be 22 to 49, Freestate over South; as South’s season will now be over.