May 21, 2024

Employee shortages in America

Sign text closeup for help wanted with red and white colors by entrance to store shop business building during corona virus covid 19 pandemic

When COVID-19 struck the United States, it was a monumental change in a short amount of time. We have recovered from the very drastic times of the virus, but it is still a threat to many businesses. What has been affecting these businesses the most, is finding employees to work for them, and finding ones that will stay.

Fast-food restaurants have been hit the worst during the pandemic. When places like McDonald’s or Burger King had to close down their dining area, or when some places had to transition to only delivery, some employees were either let go, or left the job looking for a better place to work at. With many restaurants reopening their dining areas, customers have returned, while workers have not. Some restaurants are trying to make pushes to the public to try to attract workers. McDonald’s is promising an increased raise after 3 months, some retailers are offering cash incentives.

McDonald’s offering an increased pay and incentives to new workers.

Something that’s also affecting the employment numbers is the vaccination requirement that some businesses are putting onto their employees. Places like General Electric and Delta are making their employees have the COVID-19 vaccine if they want to continue working for the company. This has led to some controversy across the nation, as some are arguing this is an infraction on their rights. This could become something more serious, when Biden’s Vaccine mandates for private sectors comes into place on January 4th