May 22, 2024

Turkey Ball Prices

During the week of November 8th up to November 12th, students will be able to donate money to nominate their teachers for a pie in the face or taping them to a wall.

The cost to nominate teachers will be $1. To change the “What Does the Fox Say” song, students and staff will be able to pay $3 to change the song or $10 for the entire passing period.

Options to pie a teacher in the face

  • Jeffrey Welch
  • Jill McAndrews
  • Bryan Hernandez
  • Brian Westhoff
  • Tara Rodgers
  • Whitney Harvey-Thomas
  • Keldon Pucket
  • Lydia Villalobos
  • Aaron McClung
  • Merle Shofner

Options to tape admin to the wall

  • Daniel Alonso
  • Robert Lacy
  • Travis Rogers
  • Leah Kasper
  • Kim Baldwin
  • Jessica Simmons