April 17, 2024

Animal Crossing New Horizon Update

On November 5th, 2021, the new 2.0 update on Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch was scheduled to release, but to our surprise, it was released one day earlier!

Major Updates

Group-stretching session
  • Brewster can now open a cafe in the museum
  • Kapp’n can now offer boat tours
  • Gyroids can now be unearthed
  • Harv’s island can now be upgraded with an open-air market
  • Cooking was added to the game
  • Group-stretching sessions can be started in the plaza
  • Ordinances can now be established
  • Villagers can now visit your home

Brewster and Museum

Brewster is a returning Animal Crossing character from previous games. He owns a cafe called The Roost located in the Museum. When visiting Blathers at the Museum for the first time after updating the 2.0 version, you’ll find him thinking about adding the cafe. To have Brewster opening The Roost in the Museum, you must take a Kapp’n boat tour to an island, and there Brewster will be savaging for Gyroids. You must grow the Gyroid Fragment he gives you when finding him. Also new to the Museum, Blathers now offers unique posters to celebrate the completion of an exhibit room. The first one many people finish happens to be the fossil exhibit; therefore, that is the one many people get.

Kapp’n Boat Tours

Kapp’n is a green turtle who offers special boat tours to islands. These islands are unique and mysterious, different from the ones Dodo Airline has been able to take you to since the launch. Kapp’n can be found on the Pier on your island; he will ask for 1,000 Nook Miles upfront per boat ride, unlike the Dodo Airline, there is no need to buy tickets to go. Unfortunately, you can only set sail with Kapp’n to a mystery island once per in-game day. There are unique items on these islands that you can take back to your island.

  • Vines- these vines can be placed on your island’s cliffs to climb up them.
  • Glowing moss- unlike other plants, the glowing moss features a subtle glow during the evening making for a lovely night-time effect.
  • Plumeria Bushes- these new bushes bloom in the Northern Hemisphere from June 1st to September 20th.

Kapp’n also has special islands that you can visit.

  • Moss and Vine growing Islands- On this special island materials such as Vines, Glowing Moss, and Plumeria Bushes can be collected.
  • Bell Tree’s Islands- on this unique you can find multiple Money Trees containing bags of 1,000 Bells each on them
  • Vegetable Farm Islands- You can find all of the new vegetable crops including, Carrots, Wheat, Sugarcane, Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Pumpkins.
  • Star Fragment Island- Star fragments can be found all over the island including, on the beach and even inside of rocks if you smash them with a shovel. You can also find a DIY recipe on the beach.
  • Seasonal Island- Many different islands cover each major “season”; on these islands, you can find both the exclusive seasonal materials and crafting recipes of seasons including, Spring Cherry Blossoms, Summer, Autumn, Winter, etc.


Gyroids are new to Animal Crossing New Horizons; however, they are not new to the Animal Crossing games. They are a distinct type of furniture that makes interesting sounds when switched on. In addition, you can now customize them into many different color variations to fit any room’s design. To get your hands on some, you first need to find a special Gyroid Fragment item that can be found buried in the ground on both your home island and on mystery islands. Once you have a fragment, find a space to bury it in the ground, like planting a fruit, as well as water it. During the next in-game day, after planting, and watering the Gyroid Fragment, dig it back up to reveal a random new Gyroid furniture item. There are 36 different Gyroids you can grow and collect.

Island Ordinances

To enact new ordinance rules on your island, talk to Isabelle at Resident Services, select ‘Review island features’, and ‘Discuss ordinances’. There is a required fee of 20,000 bells to change the ordinances each time. There are four to pick from.

  1. Beautiful Island: ask folks to pitch in weeding, watering flowers, and clearing trash from your waters.
  2. Early Bird Island: ask residents to be more active in the morning and businesses open earlier.
  3. Night Owl Island: Boost nightlife by asking folks to stay up later and business will extend their hours.
  4. Finally, Bell Boom Island: This causes the cost of goods on the island to go up, but so would the amount of folks get from selling.

Harvey’s Island

The shopping plaza is a newly expanded section of Harvey’s Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, where various special characters can build new permanent shops. The campground is bare at first; however, you can slowly begin expanding the plaza using Bells. All the spaces to unlock the shops will cost around 100,000 bells each. There are eight different special characters and shops.

  • Saharah- buy new rugs, carpets, and wallpapers
  • Kicks- purchase new shoes, socks, and accessories
  • Jolly Redd- purchase paintings and statues
  • Leif- purchase bushes, flowers, and vegatables
  • Reese & Cyrus- customize furniture
  • Katrina- get fortunes
  • Tortimer- storage help
  • Harriet- learn new hairstyles

Cooking Food

Cooking is a fun feature allowing you to cook delicious dishes and drinks using ingredients in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Learn how to get started with Cooking and unlock new Cooking DIY recipes. You’ll need to purchase the Be a Chief! DIY Recipe+ upgrade for 2,000 Nook Miles. To cook food and drinks, you need to have fundamental ingredients such as wheat, flour, and more.