May 18, 2024

Ways To Spot Toxic Friends

Toxic friendships are something everyone experiences at least once in their life. Friends are people we trust with secrets and sensitive topics but sometimes these friends can be unhealthy for us to have. Friendships should have a positive impact on you and your mental health. Toxic friendships can drain you mentally and bring you down something a friend should not do. Sometimes the affection we have for our friends could blind us when looking for warning signs.

  • Feeling lonely and isolated from others

This may include always canceling plans, ghosting you for a long period of time, and seemingly not wanting to spend time with you. This also be a group of people that excludes you from activities that they participate in.

  • You don’t feel supported

You may feeling minimized and toxic friends can brush off your problems and dismiss your feelings and topics. Friends are suppose to be there when you need it and having someone to share your burdens with is a benefit of friendships.

  • Your self esteem goes down

This person may put you down and make subtle jabs at your appearance, intelligence, or you hobbies. Being treated badly can take a hit at a persons esteem and have long lasting effects.

  • Your other relationships suffer

This friend may spread rumors or turn people against you or they could try and isolate you into them being your only friends. This could also look very different depending on the situation at hand. Your toxic friend could demand constant attention from you not letting you socialize with others.

  • They don’t respect your boundaries

Mutual respect is key in every relationship in our lives. This could be pressuring you to do something you are not comfortable with, and taking your clothes without asking. Some may consider it just being close but the reality is they could be taking advantage of you.

After identifying that a certain person is toxic you should communicate how you feel to the person you feel you are treated unfairly by. If you are comfortable enough then it may help to speak with another close friend about the issue. A person maybe toxic without even realizing it and talking about the issue may improve the situation. If a person is not willing to make changes to improve your relationships then it would be better just moving on. You can do this by telling them you are no longer interested in friendship and don’t want to talk to them anymore. Taking time for yourself can be very beneficial while figuring out your emotions. Friendships should not hurt your mental health, it is important to make sure you are happy and in a good situation.