June 15, 2024

Ye West Drops Donda Deluxe

Musical mastermind, Formally known as Kanye West just dropped the deluxe version of his 10th studio album Donda. West after taking a short hiatus came back Sunday, November 14th. The Deluxe was briefly teased with billboard in locations like Los Angeles. In New York City ‘Ye Clones’ went out on the streets. Men dressed in the recent Yeezy x Gap collaboration jacket, hats, and masks. This sparked excitement in fans on the internet.

Kanye West clones take over NYC ahead of 'DONDA' deluxe release
‘Ye Clones’ on the streets of New York City

The Deluxe dropped sometime later in the day of Sunday, November 14th 2021. The deluxe contained 5 new songs, song alterations, and a new sequencing to the tracks. New tracks include Life of the Party featuring Andre 3000, Up from the Ashes, Never Abandon Your Family, Remote Control pt. 2, and Keep my Spirit Alive pt. 2. Life of the Party being a fan favorite after being leaked by a member of the Drake camp. Other changes include Tyler, the Creator as background vocals on Come to Life, and Updated vocals on Tell the Vision. Kid Cudi appears on Remote Control pt. 2 and KayCyy returns to Keep my Spirit Alive pt. 2. If this is the last chapter in the Donda rollout is uncertain, but West certainly continues to make a big impact on the music world.

Kanye West: Donda Album Review | Pitchfork
Donda Deluxe album cover