June 15, 2024

Christmas Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

As the holidays are approaching, now is the time to start buying gifts for the book lovers in your life. Here are some ideas:

gifts you can buy

library book stamp
thumb book page holder
mini-book light
  • Unique bookmarks
  • Thumb book page holder
  • Mini book light
  • Book sleeves
  • Canvas tote bags
  • Library book stamp
  • Stationary (sticky tabs)
  • Book overlays
  • Book ends
  • Personalized Library kit
  • Reading tracker journal
  • Blue light glasses
  • Book quote pencils
  • Book themed ornaments
  • Book themed mugs


  • Audible subscription- audiobooks and podcasts (starting at $7.95 a month)
  • Book of the Month Club subscription- choose one out of five books to recieve (starting at $14.99 a month)
  • OwlCrate- young adult book subscription; it comes with additional accessories that go along with the book theme chosen ($29.99 a month)

gifts you can make

  • Diy book themed ornaments
  • Diy bookmarks
  • Poems