April 17, 2024

Students’ Thoughts: Should USD 259 Go Remote Again?

Everyone remembers when 2 years ago, COVID-19 was just a crazy virus going around China. Surely it wouldn’t make it all the way to the United States… right? Now we’re here, in 2022, with new strains of the virus being discovered every few months. Schools have been remote, hybrid, and in-person, with and without masks. With a rising number of cases and Omicron being so contagious, that brings up the question, should we go remote again?

Online school was definitely not for everyone, but then again neither is in-person school.

Here are students’ thoughts on our remote and in-person classes

Pros of being remote:

  • “I was able to take more time on assignments and not feel as rushed”- Unyty Rivera, Sr
  • “Being able to do work at our own time”- Emily Casarez, Sr
  • “More sleep [because] you won’t have to wake up for like bus stops”- anonymous
  • “For me its that you can eat whatever you want [with] no complaints”- Denise Yanez, Sr
  • “Being comfortable in my own environment & not having to deal with drama” Mesmariz Hernandez, Jr

Cons of being remote:

  • “Not being able to stay awake for class”- Emily Casarez, Sr
  • “Wifi problems.”- Denise Yanez, Sr
  • “Students have many distractions right at [their] fingertips in their house” Klaryssa Miller, Sr
  • “difficult to stay motivated, not being able to socialize, distracted easily” anonymous
  • “no motivation to get up or do work” Carmie Flores, Soph
  • “Easily falling asleep and getting distracted” Adriana Tucker, Sr
  • “no making friends in remote” anonymous
  • “less real work will be put in/ plagiarism” Luisa Salinas, Sr

Pros of being in-person:

  • “Getting the help I need with assignments”- Emily Casarez, Sr
  • “You can get more/better help” Denise Yanez, Sr
  • “Gives students a safe place to go everyday & gives the food” Klaryssa Miller, Sr
  • “you can go to tutoring, fewer distractions, can ask help, learn better in person” anonymous
  • “being able to socialize and if your a kinetic or visual learner you have easier access to help” Carmie Flores, Soph
  • “seeing friends and interacting with teens again” Adriana Tucker, Sr

Cons of being in-person

  • “Worrying about getting sick”- Emily Casarez, Sr
  • “Having to wake up earlier and higher chances of being late” Denise Yanez, Sr
  • “Students are easily exposed to sickness which can literally [affect] an entire family health wise & financially” Klaryssa Miller, Sr
  • “you can get the virus :)” anonymous
  • “all i could think of was being tired and distractions but you get that online too” Carmie Flores, Soph
  • “having to get ready in the morning and being uncomfortable sitting all hour” Adriana Tucker, Sr
  • “I hate school” Angelina Garcia, Sr
  • “Everyone is subject to illness and disciplinary actions” Luisa Salinas, Sr

There’s about a 50/50 split on students who actually prefer remote learning to being in person. Their reasoning can be narrowed down to safety, comfort, and fun. Many students do not feel safe at school, especially with the district reducing quarantine time, and South High reducing Covid testing measures. As of last week, the isolation period was reduced from a minimum of 10 days to a minimum of 5 days. Students and staff who were in close contact with an individual who tested positive will no longer be notified of this. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), worries that schools will not have enough tests available for everyone who is in close contact.

South High’s ladies & men’s basketball, men’s swim and dive, bowling, wrestling, and cheer teams were testing daily due to the high rate of positive cases athletes were having.