May 18, 2024

How to Push Through Being Burnt Out

School can be difficult and can be especially difficult in this current time with the pandemic. Many students and teachers are out being quarantined, and this can contribute to lack of motivation in students, also called burnout. Students being quarantined can fall behind in classes and find it very hard to catch back up. Burnout is caused by excessive and prolonged stress that can be emotional, mental, and physical. You aren’t alone. Everyone has experienced being burnt out at some point and it is hard to come back from. There are ways to push through and get back on track but make sure your mental health is your first priority.

There are signs to watch out for when it comes to burnout, it is important to watch out for these signs when you are overwhelmed with work. These signs include not being able to focus on your work and not feeling good about the work you have accomplished. Stress can also cause outbursts of irritation, this can put tension on a relationship. There can be physical signs not just mental, insomnia, and muscle tension, as well as fatigue.

Ways to help and deal with burnout include

  • Find the source

You can’t make changes if you do not know what is causing your burn out, continuing what you are doing will most likely not improve your stress. Doing too much on your own leads to unnecessary stress which turns into burnout. Taking steps to improve your stress is the best thing you can do.

  • Taking a break

Taking a break from school work can help relive stress and help get you back on track. When taking break you don’t have to stop school work all together but lighten you load until you feel more motivated to do it. Working on the stuff worth more points and closer to the due date can help cut down on your work load.

  • Confined in others

Going to others for advice or simply just talking about your stress may help. Others offering suggestions or doing things to take off your plate can help you relax.

  • Pay attention to your needs

Taking care of your physical and mental health is key to recovering from burnout. Not everyone can drop everything just to take a break but managing your needs mentally and physically is very important.