May 21, 2024

Megalovania in the Vatican

On the 6th of January, right after the beginning of the year of our lord 2022, within Paul Vl Audience Hall in the Vatican, Pope Francis attended the weekly General Audience. Amazingly, or perhaps unbelievably, the colorful orchestra played Megalovania. Megalovania is a popular song from the also popular game, Undertale, created by musician and game developer Toby Fox.

The performance, which was quite enjoyable and jazzy, surprised the internet, but this isn’t the papacy’s first run-in with Undertale. Matthew Patrick, commonly known as MatPat, famously gave the Pope a copy of Undertale, due to the game’s themes of friendship and forgiveness.

Sans, a skeleton who is most related to the song

It is unknown why Megalovania was showcased at the General Audience, perhaps the Pope played the game. However, this would be concerning. Encountering the song in game requires commiting genocide.

Watch the performance here