December 8, 2023

Celebrity Bored Apes Rated

The wide world of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) has struck the celebrity world. NFT’s and Crypto have become an enticing endeavor for most celebrities. Many have joined in on the fun and shared it with the world. To take a small peak in on this new subculture, let’s examine the ‘Bored Apes’ of many well-known celebrities. Apes will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, in the context of other NFT’s and not in general to help their scores.

Stephen Curry is a world renowned basketball player. His bored ape is blue with gold pupils. He is sporting a tannish beige suit and an ascot. The ape was bought for $180,000 worth of etherium. Compared to many other apes, Steph’s is pretty solid. The blue is nice and it isn’t too much, outfit is tasteful and I could certainly see the appeal in this ape. The price for it is egregious however, 7/10.

Stephen Curry, LaMelo Ball, and the Bored Ape NFT Takeover - Boardroom

KSI is one of the best things out of the U.K. and a very good YouTuber. He entered the NFT and crypto world hard and fast. A nice tannish yellow ape with his eyes closed. This ape has been through it, seeing how he has overgrown stubble and is wearing a prison jumpsuit. He shared on Twitter in late August how his bored ape was now worth 100k. I feel bad for this ape, clearly going through it right now he can’t even keep his eyes open. Out of pity I give this ape a 6/10.

ksi on Twitter: "I've given in and bought an NFT. A Bored Ape Yacht Club" / Twitter

Rich the Kid is a rapper and NFT entrepreneur, starting a collection of his own. But are you really into NFT’s if you don’t own an ape that happens to be bored. Rich the Kid’s ape is pretty basic being dark gray; However, he has some personality with the ripped tee, stubble, and eyes that have popped out of his head. This ape may be a little simplistic but he isn’t ugly and that means a lot when it comes to NFT’s, 6/10.

BIGGEST CEO on Twitter: "#NewProfilePic just bought my first ape  @BoredApeYC #apefollowape" / Twitter

Jimmy Fallon hops on ‘bored’ with an NFT monkey. The Tonight Show host joins in on the bored ape yacht club trend, with a trendy bored yacht ape. His ape is off white and wearing heart shaped glasses. The best aspect of this ape is his nice, little, quaint sea outfit. Good ape, it’s not too complicated, but he has the right amount of pizazz. I like it a lot 8/10.

jimmy fallon on Twitter: "Permission to come a bored? @BoredApeYC  #NewProfilePic" / Twitter

Eminem is a prolific rapper with a very iconic look, and what is interesting about his bored ape is that it kind of looks exactly like him. Eminem supposedly spent $450,000 on the NFT which is always too much, but it is kind of special. When examining other apes, they usually don’t look like their owners; Eminem’s is special in this regard. The hat, chain, jacket, is all something I can see him wearing for his Super Bowl halftime performance. The ape also has white fur which sells it more. I don’t like the facial expression very much however, open mouth, close eyes, flared nostrils, not very inviting. All around a solid ape, 7/10.

The Bored Ape NFT craze is all about ego and money, not art | Art and  design | The Guardian

An interesting add on to some of these apes is “mutating” them. The “mutation” changes their appearance by making them horrendous looking. Rapper, Lil Baby, has been on a hot streak lately in the music scene. His original ape is a pink, care-free ape, with a stained tank-top and a whimsical hat. He looks very care-free while also being bored. That ape is a 5/10; However, his mutated ape is absolutely horrid. His pink fur turned into a brainy flesh texture and it looks like his face is melting off. His previously whimsical hat is now a mushroom and his tank-top is now covered in drool and lined with fangs. Insulting to look at, 2/10.

Lil Baby’s bored ape after mutation
Lil Baby’s bored ape before mutation

Bored Apes and NFT’s may have seemed like a fad, and they might prove to still be; but they continue to show themselves as a trend the celebrity world wants to participate in. Celebrities probably will continue to find profit or marketing opportunities out of them. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Rich the Kid, and Meek Mill have even teased or came out with their own lines of NFT’s. So just expect celebrities to keep changing their Twitter avatars to a picture of a monkey, not Kanye though.