April 15, 2024

Hot Cheeto Mountain Dew Review

Mountain Dew has recently come out with a new flavor, Hot Cheeto, and I tried it out. It pretty much just tastes like Mountain Dew but the after taste is hot, as to resemble eating hot Cheetos. It was not a bad drink, it really did clone that hot Cheetos feel and it even made my whole tongue red. It sure was an interesting combo but if you want to add a bit more spice to your Mountain Dew then try it out. In conclusion, I’m going to rate it a good 7.5/10, give it a try if you like more than one flavor of Mountain Dew. My only complaints are that the first sip doesn’t have any major differences from regular Mountain Dew, it takes a few sips to get that spice to add up. This idea also invites other company’s to do the same thing, such as Coke and Doritos any many more combinations.