May 19, 2024

What to make and what not to make for Super Bowl Weekend!

Unless you’re a fan of a team in the Super Bowl, most of the time you enjoy the experience more than the game. The most important part of the viewing experience, is the food and beverages. These are some of the foods and drinks that will make you the life of the party, or get looks of disgust.

Make: Chicken Wings

The holy grail of Super Bowl, chicken wings are a national favorite this time of the year. The classic buffalo with dips such as ranch, or bleu cheese if you’re into that kind of thing, carry a Super Bowl weekend.

Don’t make: Boneless wings

As a fan of boneless wings myself, I still wouldn’t bring these to a Super Bowl party. There’s something iconic about bone-in wings at a party, and people are overall picky when it comes to boneless wings.

Make: Dip

Dip is important at any party, especially the Super Bowl party. The most popular dip is usually of the cheese variety, but you could do an artichoke dip or salsa as well. It isn’t too hard to make, and it isn’t very harmful to the food experience.

Don’t make: Anything that has to be eaten with utensils

The only utensil you should be using at a Super Bowl party is a chip that shaped like a scoop. Don’t make some nice platter of food, just relax, bring the ol’ reliables of party food.