May 22, 2024

Fun Facts YOU Need to Know Before Watching The Batman

The Batman is soon approaching theatres and there is so much to know about this interpretation of the caped crusader. The context behind actors’ portrayals of the timeless heroes and villains, production facts, and connections to the rest of the DC films. This story will go over the hottest facts and tidbits surrounding the new movie.

A Riddler Based on the Zodiac Killer: As opposed to his Jim Carrey counterpart in 1995’s Batman Forever, Paul Dano’s take on the Batman villain is a much darker more grounded approach. Director Matt Reeve’s inspiration is seen through the trailer material. Gotham citizen, Edward Nashton toys with the Batman and the police using word-cypher-based riddles. Very similar to his comic book counterpart, the zodiac killer left letters and riddles to police in his very unique use of word-cyphers. The design of Dano’s Riddler also takes heavy inspiration with the use of the mask, glasses, and jacket. Along with the Riddler’s iconic question mark design receiving a zodiac style makeover.

The Batman's Riddler revealed, teasing Paul Dano's 'DIY' villain twist -  Polygon

A Batman Based on Kurt Cobain: Reeve and Pattinson have talked about their attempt to create a solace loner Batman. They plan to create a Batman-inspired by Rock music legend, Kurt Cobain. Taking note of Cobain’s reclusiveness to craft a secretive loner Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne typically is a very public figure and a philanthropist in comics and movies, so it will be an interesting spin on the character.

A ‘Year 2’ Batman Film: The term year 2 Batman refers back to the iconic Batman story, Batman Year One. Batman Year One takes place in the first year of the vigilante’s crime-fighting career, Year 2 follows the subsequent year. This means the film will take an approach similar to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, showing off a more experienced Batman who has made more connections with characters like Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon. This gives a lot of room for the film to ignore parts of the Batman story audiences may be sick of seeing and focus on the plot.

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Penguin and Jim Gordon Returning on the Silver Screen: If you’re hungry for more of this take on Gotham city after watching The Batman, you’re in luck! Talks of HBO Max bringing back characters for their TV shows have hatched, with Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and the Gotham Cities police force rumored to get the silver screen treatment. The two shows are very early into their creation so details like release dates, and plots are largely unknown as of now. What we do know is Farrell’s untitled Penguin show will see him rise in Gotham Cities crime underworld, and Wright’s show will feature him trying to clean the Gotham City police department from corruption while facing the crime epidemic in the city.

A Different Take on Oswald Cobblepot: Speaking of the Penguin, Reeves has spoken about his plan to deliver an Oswald Cobblepot in The Batman before he truly adopts his infamous persona of the Penguin. The Penguin is known in the comics and other portrayals, for his control of the criminal underworld in Gotham; but this showing of him will see a Cobblepot before he steps up and takes up the moniker. Likely his rise to power is to be shown in his own HBO Max show, as to not distract from The Batman‘s overall plot.

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A Hidden Joker Cameo: While it seems likely the villains they confirmed to be in the film are the only members of Batman’s rogues’ gallery to appear, some fans online have speculated actor, Barry Keoghan is going to take up a role as The Joker. While still feeling highly unlikely the rumors have sparked excitement in fans hoping to see a cameo from The Dark Knight’s greatest foe. If rumors prove true Keoghan would be the 4th interpretation of the Joker in the past 14 years only including live-action.

Connections to the Greater DCEU: No connections appear to exist between The Batman and the rest of the DC extended film universe. A prelude comic to the film does confirm the existence of Metropolis and Lexcorp, and the two are commonly associated with Superman mythology. Other than those connections The Batman seems to be a self-contained story in its separate universe.

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, and Jeffrey Wright comes out Friday, March 4th.