June 15, 2024

Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Backlash

One of the most controversial creators Trisha Paytas announced their pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, which got a mixed reaction that shows a dark side of controversial internet fame. Trisha Paytas is non-binary and has nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube, they posted a video that they were nine weeks pregnant, adding they were in “disbelief” they managed to conceive after experiencing fertility issues. Despite Paytas’ visible excitement, the reaction on social media wasn’t entirely positive. While many messages congratulated Paytas and their family, others remarked on Paytas’ marked history.

Trisha Tweeted on Aug 4, 2018 the reason for them being infertile; “a lot of people are confused why I can’t have babies. I’ve explained it before. I would have to get surgery to remove the scare tissue from by tubes :/ scarring come from me having chlamydia years ago going undetected in my body.”

In their pregnancy announcement video, Paytas said, “I’m in disbelief in so many ways but at the same time it just feels right. All of a sudden I just feel a sense of purpose.”

Paytas said they had been trying to get pregnant with their now-husband, Moses Hacmon, since October 2020 before they got married in Decemebr 2021.

Paytas has an army of loyal supporters, as well as a large army of anti-fans who criticize their every move. Which their pregnancy announcement proved to be no different, with genuine messages of warmth and concern being matched in number with insults from their critics. There are hundreds of comments wishing Paytas well as well as mized with unsolicited advice, warnings, and assumptions about Paytas’ intentions. Some said Paytas had “a lot of growing and maturing to do mentally” before becoming a parent. Others said they worried Paytas would treat the baby “like an object for content,” urging them to “protect this child.”