May 24, 2024

Discrimination Disabled People Face

Living in a world that was made for cisgender white men can be extremely difficult if you don’t have those characteristics. Because of this, disabled people have to stand out and be vocal about having equal rights. This is a lifelong battle that has to be fought as discrimination is faced in school, the workplace and the public just in general. 

How to talk about disability, disabled people : Life Kit : NPR
cartoon people some in wheelchairs, a service dog, amputation, crutches, vitiligo ect.

Accommodations need to be made and met in order for the student to be successful in their school course as well as the rest of their career. Some of these accommodations can be: more testing time, listening to audio recordings instead of reading or the text being read allowed, visual representation of verbal material, closed captions on videos. 

You would think that teachers and staff would be filling to teach and help students, as that is their job but this isn’t always the case. Which, this kind of foundation being built makes it difficult for students to come to teachers when they need help and oftentimes makes them feel that their peers are put above them because they don’t need help in a certain subject. When, in reality, we need to be treated as equal. We do not all have the same skill set, some areas we’re better at than others and we should be cheering each other on for our achievements as well as being there for one another when we need help. 

Disabling Ableism in Classics. I think it is often assumed that I was… | by  Annie Sharples | EIDOLON
Disabled woman in a wheelchair looking at a staircase

So, what can you do to help? Well, listening to disabled folks and what they need is the most vital key that needs to be noted. Learning from the disability community instead of abled body people is important as well because if you have experience or live with the condition than you probably are going to give out misinformation which will hurt more people than help. You wouldn’t learn about a subject unless the person was skilled to teach that. This needs to be applied to the same thing as well.