May 22, 2024

Women’s History Month

March is women’s history month. We have this to celebrate women’s cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements. Now is the time to speak up about the injustices that women face. At this point in time they should be able to make their own choices for their body, be safe walking alone without facing violence, have equal pay, access to healthcare and education. 

But unfortunately, women and other minority groups will still have to fight.

JSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion - Women's History Month Events

1 in 4 women experience severe violence from their partner. If men were taught how to behave and treat others with respect, a lot of this wouldn’t happen. It’s not what she was wearing that made him do it. It’s the abusers fault completely. There should be no reason for men to act like such children. 

Supporting and lifting each other up is the most important thing we can do as a community. Even if you aren’t a woman you can still be a feminist and back up one another