December 10, 2023

Shooting at Towne East Square

On Friday, April 18th a shooting took place at the Towne East Square Mall in Wichita, KS. By-standers recorded a video of teenagers fighting in front of the Foot Locker when suddenly another teen pulled out a gun and fired about 4 shots towards the group hitting 14 year old Trenj’vious Hutton, aka Tubby, a student at Heights High School. Police said 20 others were injured as well. A witness, Stephanie Dock and her 14 year old niece, were walking on the first floor of the mall at the time when the fighting broke out. She saw the teen pull out the gun, Dock yelled “Everybody run he has a gun! Run, he has a gun!” And in an interview with KWCH News said “He looked right at us pointing his gun at us and we weren’t even 20 feet away.” During the events Stephanie lost track of her niece and found shelter behind a kiosk and later in a store when she saw Trenj’vious on the floor covered in blood not breathing. “Let me out! Let me out to do CPR, I’m a certified nurse’s assistant” Yelled Dock. Her and two other men checked Hutton’s vitals, put pressure on his wounds and did CPR until the police arrived.

Trenj’vious Hutton

Police have arrested a 16 year old suspect in the shooting on second degree murder of Hutton but have not yet released his identity because he is a minor. He had a detention hearing in juvenile court on Tuesday the 22nd. During the hearing, a judge decided the teen will remain in custody due to the threat posed to others. The 16 year old has no criminal record or priors and according to the judge, may be charged as an adult.

Wichita’s Mayor, Brandon Whipple, reacted to the Towne East shooting saying he hopes the shooting Friday can push the Wichita community to come together for change. “If there is a silver lining, let that be us coming together and really paying attention to problems in our communities so we can address them before they wind up to the level in which kids are shooting at each other. Frankly, Wichita is too good of a community to allow teenagers to die over stupid conflicts, so what can we do to get in and make actual change that’s long lasting and not just throwing money at it or not just some type of politically motivated tagline?” Whipple said. He as well stated that this shooting hit harder because he first came to Wichita to help at-risk youth.

Tubby’s mother, Jeannette Dees, created a Go Fund Me on Sunday with a few words, “Hello my name is Jeanette Dees on march 18th 2022, my son Trenjvious Hutton was tragically taken from me at only 14 years old when an altercation took place at the east mall in Wichita Ks. I am saddened and sick about this my son was a loving young man trying to make it in this world. He loved to play basketball, play the game, rap and dance. He was the life of the party always so happy and loving. We are grateful for those who would like to help in this time of need. Thank you in advance.” She has raised $9,586 for her son’s final expenses.