May 18, 2024

SZA collabs with Crocs

SZA and Crocs are coming together with social advocates to bring mental health and self-care awareness. Since May is Mental Health Month, it’s a perfect time to partner up, and Crocs is proud to provide a monetary donation to the chosen charities of those individuals involved.

The Crocs are $70.00 however can only be bought through a drawing for either the classic clog or the slides. The drawing entries are from 5.22.22 12 PM ET- 5.6.22 12 PM ET. The Crocs are a woodgrain pattern that includes SZA custom Jibbitz charms; examples of the charms are a mushroom, a globe, yin/yang, etc.

SZA’s Superhero Friends

Crocs had partnered with 3 people that advocate for Black mental health and positive change in their community and across the world. Cros donated to three organizations of their choosing that provide and/or fund mental health support to individuals in need. Those 3 are:

Yaris Sanchez She/He: A native of the Dominican Republic, raised in New York City, and a proud mother of one. Yaris Sanchez’s journey represents how anyone can be a catalyst for positive change. She encourages young women not to be their most authentic selves while challenging societal norms. The nonprofit organization she picked out is

Sage Adams They/She: Adams is a Brooklyn artist that got their start on Tumblr as a young Black person blogging about politics, art, and boy bands. Sage is a passionate learner, a staunch advocate for Black mental health, and determined to ensure the next generation has access to art and its joys. The nonprofit organization they picked out is again

Donté Colley He/Him: Donté Colley is a Multimedia Artist and Motion Designer. He creates meaningful conversations through digital mediums by fusing his passion for dance, fashion, digital art, and design. Utilizing love as an impetus for change, he challenges the status quo through authentic and unapologetic self-expression. The nonprofit organization he picked out is

Mia Saine They/Them: Mia Saine is a talented illustrator and artist from Memphis, Tennessee. They create distinctive digital art that brings together bold colors and messages of empowerment in a unique and inspiring way.