December 2, 2023

AVID Olympiad

AVID classes held an Olympiad, having fun in competitions for two hours. The event taught team building, class spirit, and, most importantly, how to most effectively throw water balloons.

To show spirit, each class wore a specific color:

  • Mr. Tate: Orange
  • Mr. Hernandez: Green
  • Mrs. Rivera: Purple
  • Mrs. Franklin: Red
  • Ms. Bass: Black
  • Mrs. Gove: Blue
  • Mrs. Wend: Pink
  • Mrs. Mohr: Yellow
Melissa Luna and Jacob Urbina

This resulted in the AVID kids showcasing a rainbow of class spirit, and clothing.

Brooklyn McVay

Many games were played, but some prominent ones were: Three-Leg Race, Marathon, an Obstacle Course, and the Water Balloon Toss