June 15, 2024

Ali Nguyen’s ’22-’23 Photography Highlight

Junior year was harder than what everyone made it out to be, but one of the things that brought me joy and relieved me of that stress was photography.

Here are my favorite photos I’ve taken this year.


I rarely ever took pictures of cheer but when I did, I loved the pictures where you could see most of the team.

The cheer team at basketball senior night


My first (and only) time taking pictures of a basketball game. Even though we lost, it was a fun experience.

Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
Boys Basketball


I had the most fun taking pictures during football season. Maybe it was the adrenaline of not knowing whether or not we were going to win, if I was about to be ran over by the players or coaches, or just pure excitement. I really enjoyed this season. My favorite picture might even be of the score against North, just because we beat them down hard.

Carlos Sosa and Caiden Neal
Football vs. North
Football Team
Score against North


My top favorite things to take pictures of are my friends. They make the perfect muse and I have these memories to hold on to forever.

Ellie Vizcarra-Bedoy at Senior Celebration
Tanner Riffel and Amy Nguyen

Special mentions to Anthony Martinez for always being my photography partner and to Diana Grajeda for forcing me out of my shell during my Sophomore Year.

Also to Mr. Welch for being the best advisor.