December 2, 2023

Class of 2023’s Last Year

We first entered the doors of South High in 2020 expecting 4 normal years of high school but instead, we were sent home in the Spring of 2020 and were unable to come back until the Spring of 2021. Even during our Junior Year, things still did not feel normal. So instead of talking about the negatives, what are seniors looking forward to this year?

I had the chance to speak with a group of seniors and collect their answers on what they’re eager to experience. “I’m excited for new traditions starting. Senior Sunrise was a great way to kick off this year and I can’t wait to see what we start next. I’m also looking forward to getting closer to my friends and walking the stage with them in May” says Erik Moreno. “What I am most excited for this school year is making a blast before entering the ‘real world’! I look forward to gaining experience in the classroom from effective teachers, in addition to learning the curriculum which I will soon be studying. I am also looking forward to working with many student led organizations, and helping to support my community any way I can! The best of yet, I look forward to graduating in May with a host of friends and family!” Chavez Bell, a drum major here at South High, stated.

(top to bottom, left to right) Diego Avelar, Alex Sosa-Bravo, Erik Moreno, Lisa Nguyen, Cindy Tran, Katy Romero, Ali Nguyen, and Chris Bui at Senior Sunrise

“Going into senior year, I acknowledged my personal growth that occurred over the course of high school. I am excited to cruise through my last year and graduate with my friends. Soon, this chapter of my life will close and a new one will open. Many students don’t know what they’ll do after high school, but I am looking forward to enlisting in the military and serving our country. Graduation is something every parent wants their children to achieve- here’s to making mine proud” Melvin Marion voiced. “I’ve always looked forward to senior year and now that it’s here, it feels surreal. I’d like to say that I’ve accomplished many things throughout my years of high school, but my biggest accomplishment has yet to come— graduation. Graduation is the biggest thing I’m looking forward to this year. Being able to walk the stage alongside my friends is my biggest motivation to get through senior year. I really couldn’t have made it through high school without them and I can’t wait for what the rest of this year holds for us” says Lisa Nguyen, senior class girls vice president.

Mercedes Sanders and Anthony Martinez at Senior Sunrise

“Me personally, going into this year I cant wait for it to be over. I’m going to be the first of my family to graduate from a legitimate high school. Folks before have only graduated from alternative high schools, so this is something i can take great pride in. As well as great bragging rights, I can tell all my family how much better I am than them.” jokes Kaden Ambelile. “This year i’m very excited to attend more school events such as homecoming, prom, sports, and etc. My past years of high school I didn’t really care so much about involving myself in school activities . I honestly thought it was cliché. Now that I think of it those events are what makes high school memorable and fun. Since this is my last year of high school I want to make it my best year and live it up.” Sally Dith revealed.

Without fail, at least in my personal opinion, these past three years of high school have been the hardest time of my life. From losing traditions to gaining the ability to see the light in the worst situations, what these years have taught me is to not take normal for granted. I’m looking forward to being able to live, breathe freely, celebrate my peers freely, and most of all, graduate normally.