April 15, 2024

Dayshawn Buchanan

Hi, I am a Sophomore. This is my second year at South High, and I’m really enjoying it. But this is about me, I was born on Feb. 21/2007. A little fun fact about me is I am left-handed and I was also born on the same day as my uncle. I love watching football, playing games, and playing outside. My favorite hobbies at school are lifetime sports, Lunch if that counts, and lastly Spanish. I have 3 dogs, I know that’s a lot. But their names are Deebo, Rocko, and Roxy. Rocko and Roxy are parents of Deebo. He’s a whitehead and he always sleeps with his mouth open. I have 3 sisters and 1 younger brother who’s 5 years old. And he’s just now starting pre-k, sometimes he can get annoying but I mess with him a lot so I guess it’s fair, either way, I still love him no matter what. Here’s another random fact about me, my favorite childhood shows are. Fanboy and Chumm Chumm, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra (overhated), and monster and robot. I know all these shows are irrelevant, but I still enjoy watching them. I can’t really think about talking about anything else about me, so I guess this is the end. Thank you for reading all this random junk about me, I don’t know why you read all this but I guess you did. Goodbye.