June 15, 2024

Doctor Strange 2 Review

The movie was great, it had a new set of actors for our well known actors to play in a movie with. The Earth-838 that Wanda traveled to and massacred their illuminati. The reason she turned evil was kind of a throw off, she lost her children she made with magic. I think marvel was to lazy to make a real villain for the movie so they just made Wanda evil, or they just wanted to kill off Wanda before a stronger villain arrived into the MCU. Either way I feel like it wasn’t a good way to end her storyline in the MCU. Doctor Strange seemed to be weaker than he was in other movies. He really didn’t do anything to Wanda the whole movie. I know they wanted to make an entertaining movie but the whole movie was Doctor Strange and America running from Wanda. The fights between the characters met in other universes ended pretty fast, like Wanda fighting the illuminati was ended a bit to fast.