May 22, 2024

An Update on Ukraine and Russia

It has been over one hundred and ninety days since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine have been trading blows for a while now and it seems Ukraine is starting to take the battle to Russia. Russian forces have been struggling in Ukraine, about eighty thousand Russian soldiers have been killed or injured. The total amount of casualties in Ukraine is around twenty-eight thousand plus. Ukraine has made a goal to retake most of Kherson, a Russian-occupied region by the end of the year. Ukraine has been making its most ambitious ground assault since the beginning of the invasion and does not plan on stopping.

Russian supply lines have been successfully attacked by Ukraine forces. There are Russian troops located to the west of the Dnipro River and Ukraine plans on isolating them. Ukrainian officials have stated that taking all territory north or west of the Dnipro River is the goal. Another goal for Ukrainians is to take the city of Kherson and Nova Kakhovka. In the eastern fronts of Ukraine, Ukrainians have stepped up attacks to prevent Russia from being able to shift south to repel Ukrainian counteroffensives there. To the south of Kharkiv, Russian supply lines are being pushed by Ukraine; Ukraine has been successful in taking villages and towns as they push Russian supply lines. The forces of Ukraine plan to start a campaign that involves retaking Russian-controlled territory. This will be a very long and brutal campaign but will Ukraine will receive a lot of support with this. Ukraine is still receiving support from the United States and it looks like it won’t stop anytime soon.

The United States has been one of, if not the biggest, support for Ukraine. The United States plans on sending six hundred and seventy-five million dollars worth of military supplies to Ukraine. These shipments will include air-launched missiles that are designed to destroy enemy radars. The shipments will also include 105-millimeter howitzers, artillery ammunition, vehicles, anti-armor weapons, and guided rockets. Two billion dollars has been pledged to support Ukraine in the long term. This was announced by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken. Russia is blaming the United States and NATO for instigating the conflict by supplying Ukraine with supplies. Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany and Prime Minister, Liz Truss of Britain, joined a video conference with President Joe Biden to talk about the international commitment to maintaining support for Ukraine.

Ukraine has been putting up one heck of a fight. The country has gone from defending to attacking. With Russia not wanting to give up and Ukraine starting to push back it looks like this war is not going to end anytime soon. The battle is starting to make its way toward Russia and Ukraine doesn’t seem like it is going to stop until they need to. There will be more updates on the situation when there is more to talk about.

Sources: CNN, New York Times