May 21, 2024

‘Beavis and Butt-head do the Universe’ Review

Another Beavis and Butthead MOVIE, wahoo. I don’t know who asked but I’m glad they did. They’ve got the same humor they’ve always had and it doesn’t fall flat. The two are completely unaware of their insane surroundings throughout the entire movie and not in an annoying way. The old characters are placed into the current world easily, they aren’t changed or evolved. They are just as stupid as before. Every elementary-level joke is laughable and timed. The movie doesn’t get uninteresting or too elaborate, not that many expected a complicated, in-depth movie from this franchise. But seriously, I didn’t get my phone out once- and I watched this at home! The movie doesn’t rely on gags and jokes though, the plot had a grip on me the whole time. Though it had plenty of dumb jokes, that’s not a bad thing either, an easy laugh is appreciated. even without knowledge of the characters, you can still enjoy this movie.