June 15, 2024

Why clothes shouldn’t have a gender.

By Layla Frierson

Why should we have to fit into society’s standards for clothing? It shouldn’t make us feel like we can’t wear whatever we want and make us feel downgraded. I mean I go the men’s section when shopping sometimes and they have just the right clothes that I want.

Now that’s where fashion comes in hand cause I mean if you look at the fashion shows, photoshoots, interviews etc. Fashions main purpose is to promote individuality so therefore it’s genderless.

Clothes became a gender during 1890 and 1920 when babies and preschoolers were becoming more sex typed and adult women’s clothing was beginning to look partly male and partly female in appearance.

The way that gender plays in fashion is interesting to me. Girls wear skirts and guys wear pants simple as that but over time people are starting to realize that a mans body is different from a women’s body. More designers are shifting towards gender fluidity in fashion and is becoming more acceptable in modern day.

It’s like seeing a guy wear a skirt or a girl wearing basketball shorts. This isn’t a great example but you see what I’m saying. Nothing about that is wrong and shouldn’t be seen as disturbing or weird or whatever. Everyone should just accept that we are people and we have feelings and just want to live our life to the fullest.

One last thing I wanna say is just don’t ever feel pressured or scared to fit into society’s standards and wear whatever you want and most importantly feel confident in yourself and just love yourself for who you are cause there is nobody else like you.