December 2, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals Overview- 9/11/2022

Today we’ll be doing an overview of the Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals week 1.

First Quarter

Cardinals win the coin toss and give the ball to Mahomes and the Chiefs. They start at the 25 yard line and go for a run play with Edwards-Helaire and get a first down. They would go for another run with Helaire for a first down and more. For Mahomes, he would first throw it to Travis Kelce for a first down. On a 3rd & 7, Mahomes scrambled and threw a side arm pass to Juju for the first down. Inside the RedZone at the 9 yd line, Mahomes threw it up to Kelce for a touchdown. Chiefs go up early and fast 7-0 after the first drive. Then the Chiefs defense would stop the cardinals with a sack, they would force them to go 3 and out. Mahomes and the offense went out there and quickly got started after a 15 yard pass to Juju on 2nd & 13. Mahomes and the Chiefs offense marched down the field and Mahomes threw to Kelce for a 23 yard gain to get into the RedZone. The Chiefs would then be at the 3 yard line, they would call for a shovel pass to Helaire and score another touchdown. Chiefs are up 14-0. Kylar Murry and the Cardinals would start to progress down the field with Kylar throwing dots and the quarter coming to a close.

Second Quarter

Cardinals have the ball to start off the second, Kylar Murray scrambles down the field for a 20 yard gain and would get his team down at the 2 yd line. The Cardinals on the next play score a rushing touchdown with James Conner, the score is now 14-7. Mahomes would now start throwing dots aswell, starting with their new Wide Receiver, Valdes-Scantling. Mahomes would throw to Hardman on a out route and the Chiefs would now be inside the RedZone. Chiefs go for it on 4th and 2, Helaire is wide open and Mahomes hits him for a touchdown and it would be Mahomes 3rd touchdown pass of the half. Chiefs up 20-7, Kicker Harrison Butker gets injured early in the game, so Chiefs Saftey Justin Reid kicks it but unfortunately misses. Cardinals have the ball and Kylar Murry again, would begin cooking up the defense. But Conner would fumble on a run play, fortunately for the cardinals they get it back. It’s 3rd & 15 for the Cardinals, Murry throws it but its dropped. Cardinals punt the ball to the Chiefs with 1 minute left in the quarter. Mahomes throws it to Juju but he fumbles and gives the ball right back to the cardinals. The Cardinals go nowhere with the ball and turn it over on downs. Mahomes shreds the defense with little time left, and he gets them in field goal range and the score is now 23-7 at half.

Third Quarter

To start off the 3rd quarter the Cardinals have the ball. They are struggling on offense and on 3rd down Kylar Murry gets sacked, they end up punting the ball. Mahomes throws it to Kelce for a huge gain. Next play Mahomes throws a beautiful side arm to the rookie, Sky Moore for a first down. At the 1 yard line Mahomes throws a touchdown pass to Tight End Jody Fortson. Chiefs now extended their lead to 30-7. Cardinals would go 3 and out again and punt the ball to the Chiefs. Mahomes again shreds the defense and throws it to Kelce for a huge gain. The backup running back, Jerrick Mckinnon, runs for another huge gain for the Chiefs. Chiefs now at the cardinals 1 yard line, throws to Hardman for a touchdown. Score is 37-7. Cardinals would finally drive down the field and be into the Chiefs territory.

Fourth Quarter

The final quarter is not looking good for the Cardinals. They are still struggling on offense and have to convert a 4th down. Kylar Murry throws a 5 yard pass to convert it. Now inside the chiefs RedZone, Murry and the Cardinals again have to convert another 4th down but this time its 4th and goal, and Murray throws a passing touchdown to Marquise Brown. The score is now 37-15. Mahomes and the Chiefs have the ball, they are chewing the game away by running. On 3rd & 11 they actually do a screen pass to McKinnon, and he converts the first down. The Chiefs would go and score again for Mahomes 5th passing touchdown of the game. The Cardinals go down the field and score. The final score would be 44-21.


First, lets talk about the Kansas City Chiefs, they had an outstanding game today. Without Tyreek Hill, Mahomes had 360 passing yard and 5 passing touchdowns, with his new receiving core, they had a total of 488 yards. Overall a crazy game the Chiefs played, and of course they are Superbowl contenders. The Arizona Cardinals, they played okay, they had the difficult task of going up against Mahomes and the Chiefs, one of the top 5 teams last year. But the Cardinals are going to need some work on offense, only having 179 passing yards and 282 totals yards.