December 10, 2023

Picture Day!

That’s right! Fall Picture Day is here already!

That’s right! Fall Picture Day is here already!

Students will take their pictures in the auditorium this Thursday and Friday. Your history class teacher will bring you there during that class. For instance, if you had Ms. Haney’s AP US History II class during your 4th hour, you would be taking your pictures on Thursday, which is a blue day. Your history teacher will have full instructions.

Seniors will not be taking pictures, but every other grade will. If you are not a senior, you should have received a large package containing info on how to order and pay for pictures. If you haven’t, ask your Titan Time teacher.

To order pictures, use the website – – or pay using the packet. On the packet, you fill out your name, school, grade, the teacher you go with, email address, and phone number. You also fill in bubbles to select your choices. Bubbles A thru F and A+ thru F+ correspond to what package (or packages) you want. Prices are listed on the side. For each package A thru F, there is a “plus” package which indicates a friendship pack. The plus package costs $5 more. The base pricing and what is included are:

  • A ($35): 3 8x10s, 2 5x7s, 2 4x6s, 4 3x5s, and 8 2x3s
  • B ($30): 1 8x10s, 2 5x7s, 2 4x6s, 4 3x5s, and 8 2x3s (Two less 8x10s than A)
  • C ($25): 2 5x7s, 2 4x6s, 4 3x5s, and 8 2x3s (No 8x10s)
  • D ($20): 2 5x7s, 4 3x5s, and 8 2x3s (No 4x6s)
  • E ($15): 1 5x7s, 2 3x5s, and 8 2x3s (One less 5x7t, 2 less 3x5s)
  • F ($10): 2 3x5s, and 4 2x3s (No 5x7s, and four less 2x3s)

Bubbles B5-8 are required, and indicate which background you want. 1-3 indicates if you want a border ($7), your image retouched ($10), and if you want the year on the image ($5). Lastly, L-N refers to a la carte pictures. These are just those specific pictures, one 8×10, two 5x7s, and four 3x5s for $10 each.