December 10, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Los Angeles Chargers Overview

Today ill be talking about Kansas City Chiefs Vs Los Angeles Chargers week 2. (I actually went to this game).

Quarter 1

Justin Herbert and the chargers start off with the ball. First play of the game he throws to his TE Williams for a 9 yard gain. Herbert the next play throw to his WR for a decent gain. Couple plays later Herbert and the chargers are on a 3rd and 13, they would not convert. They go for a field goal to make it 0-3. Mahomes and the Chiefs are now on the field. But Mahomes gets sacked to make it 3rd and 16. They go for a screen pass to McKinnon, but it doesnt work out and they have to punt back to the chargers. They get the ball mid-field, they try to do some trickery on 2nd down but it goes for a loss. 3rd and 6 they pass and dont get it. Its 4th and inches, they go for a QB sneak with Herbert and get it. On 2nd and 3 they throw it up for Williams and catches over the Chiefs CB for a huge gain. to end off the 1st Quarter.

Quarter 2

The Chargers with the ball start off at the 1 yard line. They pass and give it to their FB for a touchdown. The score is now 0-10. Mahomes and the chiefs are now on the field. Mahomes throws it far to Mecole Hardman and completes the pass for a huge gain. Next play Mahomes throws it to Kelce for a decent gain. They are now at the 9 yard line. Mahomes is on the run and side arms the pass to his RB for a touchdown. The score is now 7-10. Herbert and the chargers are now mid-field. But they would have to punt it back to the chiefs. Mahomes throws dots and drives down the field. But gets stop on a 3rd and 1, they punt it back to the chargers. Chargers at mid-field again. but the chiefs defence hold on and stop them on 3rd and 1. Mahomes and the chiefs have the ball under 30 seconds, but cant do nothing with it so we go to halftime. Score is 7-10.

Quarter 3

Starting 3rd quarter chargers have the ball. There driving down the field stredding the chiefs defense. Herbert throws it up to his receiver Williams over Sneed and catches over him for a touchdown. To make the score 7-17. Mahomes and the chiefs has the ball. Mahomes throwing dots down the field. Then Mahomes throws a bomb down the field to his TE for a touchdown, making the score 14-17. Chargers have the ball at the 1 yard line but go 3 and out, and give the ball right back to the chiefs. Chiefs start with the ball pass mid-field. Mahomes throwing lost of passes this drive. But on one play he runs in circles then passes to Kelce, hes wide open. He gets a huge gain but gets body slammed, chiefs are at the 1 yard line. To end the 3rd quarter.

Quarter 4

Starting the 4th quarter the chiefs get stopped at the 1 yard line and go for a field goal to make it 17-17. Herbert is throwing short passes but they do go for a huge gains. They drive down the field with passes. they are at the 3 yard line. But it gets intercepted by the chiefs CB for a 99 yard touchdown return making it 24-17. The chargers get the ball but looks like they lost momentum because they go 3 and out. Chiefs have the ball, they get 1 first down but get stopped. The chargers get the ball back. Herbert throws a nice pass for a first down but gets injured on the play. Hes out for only 2 plays and gets back on the field. But the first play back almost throws a interception again. The chiefs get the ball back, they chew the clock. But their RB goes for a huge gain to put them in field goal range. Chiefs get stop though so they go for a field goal to make it 27-17 with 3 mins left. Herbert going to down the field throwing passes. They do get a touchdown making it 27-24. They try an onside kick and it doesnt work out. Chiefs win with the final score being 27-24.


Mahomes and the chiefs look nice out there but they were struggling a little bit comparing to week 1. But they still hold on and win. The chargers, they look nice aswell but they still made so minor mistakes. Lets hope that Herbert is ok with that rib injury.