June 15, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Indianapolis Colts Overview

1st Quarter

Chiefs win the coin toss and differ to begin the game. The Colts ended up going 3 and out, they punted the ball. But the punt returner/wide receiver Sky Moore muffed and fumbled the punt and the Colts got the ball at the 1 yd line. Chiefs defense almost holds up but on 3rd and goal the Colts score, Colts are now winning 0-7. Mahomes and the Chiefs are on the field but they ended up going 3 and out again and punt the ball back to the Colts. Matt Ryan is driving down the field with nice passes, but the Chiefs defense stopped them on 3rd and 6. The Colts punter kicked a beauty to put the Chiefs at the 1 yard line. The Chiefs go 3 and out again, getting stopped 1 yard short from the first down. Colts have the ball mid-field but get stopped on 3rd and 2, they go for it on 4th and 1, but Matt Ryan got sacked badly and Chiefs have the ball mid-field. Mahomes is struggling against the colts defense, but then throws a nice pass to Kelce to put them at the 1 yard line. 1st and goal Mahomes go back to Kelce and scores a touchdown, the score is 6-7 as the backup kicker misses the kick.

2nd Quarter

Matt Ryan and the Colts have the ball as the started of the 2nd quarter. With Ryan throwing dots, shredding the Chiefs defense up. But they do get stop at the 25 yard line, they settle for a field goal making the score 6-10. Mahomes finally got something going on offense. But they do get stopped on 3rd and 6. The Chiefs punt the ball once again and put the Colts on the 1 yard line. That doesn’t matter cause the next play the wide receiver catches over the CB for a huge gain for the colts. 2nd and 9 Matt Ryan scrambles but fumbles the ball the chiefs have the ball in the colt’s redzone. The chiefs and scores by running with the RB. They go for 2, Mahomes is running around but somehow throws the ball to Kelce and convert the 2 point. Colts have the ball but they go into halftime, score being 14-10.

3rd Quarter

Chiefs have the ball starting the 3rd quarter, with the first play being Mahomes throwing a screen pass to the RB for a decent gain. Mahomes on 2nd and 5 scrambles for the first down. Inside the redzone on 3rd and 1 Mahomes throws a pass to his WR but he couldnt hold it in its 4th down. The chiefs go for it with a run with the RB for the first. 1st and 10, Mahomes runs for a first down on a pass play. But the chiefs get stopped on 3rd and goal on the 3 yd line. They settle for a field goal making the score 17-10. Matt Ryan and the colts are going down field, with Matt Ryan throwing dots against the chiefs defense. But they do get stopped on 3rd and 6. They go for a field goal making it 17-13. Mahomes throws to Kelce for a huge gain. Next play chiefs to trick play running with the RB throwing it back to Mahomes and Mahomes thowing to the TE for another 1st down.

4th Quarter

Mahomes throwing short passes against the colts defense. On 3rd and 10, Mahomes almost gets sacked but throws it to the TE but its dropped. on 4th down chiefs go for a field goal but its a fake and they dont convert it. score its 17-13. Matt Ryan and the colts are driving down the field shredding this chiefs defense. On 4th and inches the chiefs end up stopping the colts on a run play. On 3rd and 13 Mahomes side arms it to JuJu for a huge gain, the chiefs are in the redzone. But the chiefs get stopped on 3rd and 7 settling for a field goal. But its missed, score still being 17-13. Colts have the ball and on 4th and 1 they go with a QB sneak, they get it. But they get stopped on 3rd and 7, Matt Ryan gets sacked. But theres a flag unsportsmanlike conduct, which give the colts 15 yd and a first down. Colts chew the clock on the chiefs defense and score making the score 17-20. Only 14 seconds left for Mahomes he drives down the field but he gets his first pick of the season. Final score being 17-20.