May 24, 2024

Final and First Friday Art Show

Come and visit the “Surreal World” art show at the Vertigo 232 gallery! Final and First Fridays are September 30, 2022, and October 7, 2022, from 5-9 pm. 

Below are some of the works of these amazing artists. 

Chuck Dooms’ “Miscommunication”

Stephanie Garcia’s “Stealy”

Melissa Slates “Memento Mori”

Tara Hufford Walkers “Delirium”

Lyric Monet’s “Divinity”

Leigh Leighton Wallace

Artist statement reads: “These paintings are a part of a continuing effort to evoke memories and dreams. not specific memories or dreams, bit the quality of recognition of the pace outside time and space – a space on knifes edge of transition: a liminal space of potent possibilities. these images have their origins in reality, but are recreated on the edges of elsewhere. I hope you recognize some of these places from your memoires of your dreams. I only paint a few images every year. I enjoy working with color but it takes a very long time to create the kind of depth and texture that I want I have gravitated to egg tempera because it has the brilliance of light and color that oils do without the fumes oil paint makes me nauseous and I don’t care for the appearance of acrylics for my work.”