April 15, 2024

Theorosa’s Bridge

On an old country road three miles north of town on Meridian Street near Valley center, there is an old bridge named Jester Creek at the intersection with 109th street. Several legends about this bridge’s haunting are based on a baby drowned in the creek below. After the original bridge was built. Today, the bridge is a simple concrete bridge that usually no one would pay any attention to, except for the legends. The first legend tells of settlers passing through the area in the late 19th century when Indians attacked them, and a baby named Theorosa was kidnapped.  Her mother was said to have left the wagon train to search for her missing daughter and reportedly continues to look today as her mournful cry can still be heard calling out for her child. An Indian tribe living by the creek occurred about this time. In this version, an Indian woman is stabbed, and her baby is dropped into the stream and drowned. 

Theorosa is a young woman who has an illegitimate baby and drowns it in Jester Creek to hide her shame. Later, overcome by guilt. She later drowns herself in the creek. the bridge has been reported to have been haunted for years and years. Many have reported seeing floating balls of light, eerie shapes, and the apparition of a woman in the area around the bridge. Cars are said to stall as they cross mysteriously, or if they should stop, they will feel the entire vehicle begin to shake. Others report cold breezes coming from nowhere and the sounds of mournful voices and sometimes cries that come from her baby. the weather is consistently different at the bridge than in the rest of the area. Rumor has it that if you call out to Theorosa, telling her that you have her baby, she’ll come out of the water and attack you.