April 17, 2024

Are High Schoolers Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Trick or treating is an age-old Halloween tradition that thousands of children have participated in since the 1930s, but, is there an age limit to who should be involved?

Trick or treating can be traced back to being a tradition for centuries. During the 1920s-30s, it was introduced in the United States and adopted as a community activity that got popular quickly. As we all know, trick or treating involves dressing up in fun costumes and going door to door to collect candy from strangers in your neighborhood. Almost all of us have been trick or treating before (unless your parents shunned you from having fun during Halloween) and after the long walks throughout the neighborhood, you get to enjoy bundles of free candy.

But of course, as the years stretch on many teens tend to lose interest in trick or treating. It might be because they just don’t feel like walking for miles for a handful of candy, or maybe they’ve just lost interest in it. But, could it also be the opinions of others that cause them to reconsider participating in trick or treating?

Many different people have different opinions on whether or not teens should be going around house to house for a night of fun and treats. Some think that it’s immature for teens to do something as trivial when they can just buy their own candy and eat it themselves. But of course, others think that there shouldn’t be an age limit for a fun and harmless activity.

Why Do Some Believe Teens Shouldn’t Trick or Treat?

From observations, it seems that other teens and adults are the ones who agree with this option. Many adults seem to have a biased idea that teens who trick or treat are always up to no good. It’s usually the idea that all teenagers are mischievous trolls who do drugs and drink alcohol. Many high school movies even portray that in their plots. In Chesapeake Virginia, it’s even illegal to trick or treat past the age of 14. And the thought of being turned down at every door because someone thinks you’re too old is a horrifying one. I think that most can agree trick or treating is an elementary-centered activity, and it may seem a little childish or awkward for a 16-year-old to walk around with 9-year-olds.

Why Do Some Believe Teens Should Trick or Treat?

Most high schoolers who still participate do it because it can be an annual tradition that’s hard to let go of. Plus, walking a few blocks for passed-out candy doesn’t sound too bad for some. It also gives them something fun to do on Halloween night if they don’t feel like staying at home alone. But, it can be hard when most people expect you to drop trick or treat as early as middle school.

Trick or treating is a harmless and fun tradition for people of all ages, and it shouldn’t matter whether teenagers still want to go out on Halloween or not. Teens don’t always have malicious intentions and we shouldn’t judge others for still wanting to take part.

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