July 16, 2024

Sallie House

Many people love the idea of a haunted house, especially during the fall season but what about when the house has died and many unexplainable experiences? The Sallie house in Atchison, Kansas was built in the mid-1800s and was commissioned by the Finney family. The house was the residence of a physician with the first floor of the house serving as examination rooms while the family lived on the second floor. At one point in the history of the house, a mother carried in her 6-year-old daughter, named Sallie, who had collapsed from severe abdominal pain. Sallie was diagnosed with appendicitisĀ and needed surgery immediately. The physician believed the appendix would soon burst so he began cutting before the anesthesia took full effect. Sallie ended up dying on the operating table during the operation. There are also rumors of a past tenant practicing Satanic rituals in the basement of the house which has helped result in the ghostly presence of the house. These rumored rituals are fueled by the big stain on the concrete floor of the basement where the alleged rituals took place.

A family who moved into the house during the 90s with their baby had many experiences with Sallie. The husband had found many unexplainable scratches on his body. The mother and child were never harmed showing the spirit’s disdain for men. The stuffed animals were often rearranged in the baby’s nursery into a circle. The couple moved out not long after the occurrences became more occurrent being passed around by buyers until being turned into a haunted attraction.

The house is located on second street in Atchison Kansas and is open for tours. An overnight stay costs $125 per person with a 2-person limit. Consent waivers are required at the risk of potential harm as well as requiring participants to be over 18 years old. Many people have braved the house and experienced many different phenomena. Whether a skeptic or a believer no one can deny the grim past of the house. Many documentaries have been filmed in this house with evidence being recorded on video, this evidence includes flashlights being turned on and off as well as objects being moved.

events that have been witnessed by visitors include

  • Guide dogs refusing to enter the nursery
  • full batteries draining immediately
  • unexplained scratches and bruises
  • moving objects
  • Flashlights turning on and off

Many questions are still left unanswered, is it the spirit of a little girl or something much darker? Could the spirit in question mean to harm visitors to the house? We may never know but the mystery adds to the house’s appeal.