May 22, 2024

Ali Nguyen: Homecoming Queen Candidate

Ali is one of the many amazing seniors at South High and one of this year’s homecoming candidates. This week, I interviewed her and asked about how she felt this week with homecoming.

How does it feel to be a part of the homecoming court?

Ali says that being on the homecoming court feels surreal. With things like competing and friendly competition, it’s similar to being in a clique high school movie.

Are you involved in any activities in or out of school?

Ali is also involved in a handful of extracurriculars at school. These include being the editor-in-chief of the newspaper and yearbook, director for Multi-Cultural Leadership Association (MCLA), head of South High’s community fridge, and student body representative for the Student Council.

Best and worst things about being on homecoming court?

The best thing about being in court is getting to meet and know more people. Ali wants to get to know some of the students who aren’t familiar with her yet. The worst thing, though, is having to hear negative comments from others. As a person who stands up for mental health, Ali reminds you to move past and rise above those kinds of comments.

Why do you think you should win Queen?

Of course, everyone deserves to win, but Ali is heavily involved with her school and activities and wants to make a big difference with the clubs that she is involved in. Her main goals are to create more diversity at South, help struggling students, and get the voices out of people who are not usually heard.