December 2, 2023

Was it Worth the Wait? Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic

Kid Cudi made his marvelous come back to music after 2020’s glorious Man on the Moon 3: The Chosen‘s release. Accompanied with a Netflix TV special, Entergalactic brings back familiar sounds and entrancing melodies. Now while the album may be good it is not something entirely new for listeners. The synths are familiar, the drums are nostalgic, and the hums are the same old same old. What is new about Entergalactic to make the years worth of anticipation satisfying. Well for one Entergalactic was not only an album but a visual experience with its accompanying show on Netflix. Two Entergalactic sees Cudi delve into a realm he has only done glimpses into, love. Entergalactic is all about love and just a little partying. In other Kid Cudi albums we saw his deep dive into his own mental health and scarred view of the world. Entergalactic gives a refreshing bright spot amongst many of Cudi’s darker albums. I see this emotional and thematic shift as equal to the negatives of the stylistic stagnation in his recent work, taking the show into account as well and it feels safe to say Entergalactic was worth the wait and that year was not wasted.

Kid Cudi’s “Jabari” character in Entergalactic