April 17, 2024

Halloween Ends Overview

Halloween Ends (2022) is the thirteenth film in the Halloween Franchise and the final film in the trio of sequels that commenced from the 2018 film that directly follows the original 1978 film and disregards all the others. This movie of course is a slasher film that is the sequel to Halloween Kills (2021).

Now before the release of Halloween in 2018, another writer, Danny McBride had confirmed that Green intended to pitch two films that would be shot back-to-back, but he had decided against this pitch as he wanted to await the viewer’s reactions and reviews from the 2018 film. The film is once again directed and written by David Gordon Green. For the final time, once again stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle will make their final appearances as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. So far, it has received mixed reviews from critics, who mostly believe that they missed numerous opportunities.

Four years after the events of the previous film from last year, Halloween Kills, Laurie is living life with her granddaughter Allyson (played by actress Andi Matichak). Michael Myers has not been seen for around four years, but Laurie after following the specter of Michael Myers determined and drive her reality for decades. Laurie has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and to embrace life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a flame of violence and terror that forces Laurie to finally confront the evil she cannot control, finally once and for all.

Complete Overview

On Halloween night in 2019, Corey Cunningham is babysitting a young boy named Jeremy, Jeremy decided to prank Corey by locking him inside the attic. Years later, the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, is still reeling from the aftermath of Michael Myer’s last killing spree in 2018, while Michael has vanished. Laurie Strode is writing a memoir, having bought a new house and living with Allyson, her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Corey is now working at his stepfather’s salvage yard. While Corey was on his way home, these high school bullies taunted him and it caused him to be injured. Laurie sees Corey and brings him to the doctor’s office where Allyson works in, Allyson and Corey end up developing a relationship. They both end up going to a Halloween party together. While Corey is leaving the party he encounters the bullies once again, they end up throwing him off a bridge. Corey is then dragged into the sewers by an unknown figure, later when he wakes up he is confronted by Michael Myers. Corey then escapes the sewer and some homeless man confronts him, and while in a struggle with him, Corey takes out a knife given to him by Laurie and stabs the man to death.

Corey decides to become a horror-like boogeyman and he is taking to take vengeance upon anyone who wronged him and Allyson. Then Allyson is passed over for a promotion and Corey kills the doctor who passed her up, Michael also followed him and ended up killing the nurse. Allyson, still unaware, plans to leave Haddonfield with an insistent Corey because of all the past trauma, with Laurie starting to grow extremely suspicious of Corey after he began mimicking Michael’s behavior. Laurie offers to help him but on the condition that he leaves Allyson alone. But Corey does not want to and begins to blame Laurie for the events that have occurred over the years. Then on October 31st, Corey returns to the sewers and successfully fights a weak Michael to get his mask.

However, I will not be sharing the ending of the movie, go out and watch it to see what happens!