April 15, 2024

Is Cars on the Road Worth the Watch?

How it starts

Cars on the Road is a nine-episode series with Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater as it’s main leads. It takes place after Cars 3 and it starts off with McQueen racing around in the same canyon, he first raced Doc Hudson in the first movie. After a bit of racing Mater bumps into McQueen to tell him that he is going to his sister’s wedding and we back for a while. After of bit of talking McQueen decides that he is going to go with Mater on the road for his sister’s wedding. The start of their road trip had begun.

What they get up to

On their adventures they come across a lot of new characters such as some crazy big foot hunters, a teacher and her class, some other spooky cars, and plenty more. Some of the adventures McQueen and Mater get up to are cool. They face a ghost in a haunted hotel, and another one is about Mater getting equipped with some jet engines to see how fast can go. They encounter a giant creature in the woods, and it is up to you if you want to find out what that creature is. There are plenty more adventures McQueen and Mater get up to.

The other aspects of the show

The music is overall decent all throughout the show, the intro music is a nice simple song to start off every episode. Music plays the most when characters are not talking, and the music always fits the mood of the scenes they’re played in. The writing is good, and the show never get boring because of it, and the characters are also well written giving them some good personality. The Characters they meet on their road trip are cool and they meet some old friends as well.  

Is it worth a watch?

Yes, Cars on the Road is worth the watch and make sure that you watch it with someone to make the experience even better.