May 22, 2024

The CCC, led by Courtney Bell, has created a student-led leadership group. The group’s goal is to make the CCC more beneficial for the students of South High. The group is comprised of each grade, most being freshmen. There are six freshmen, four sophomores, five juniors, and five seniors. The members are below

The club’s first meeting, which was held on the 21st of October, was geared toward the ambassadors getting to know each other. Along with this, social media accounts were planned to distribute student opportunities, which the ambassadors themselves will manage. The new social media account is on Instagram under @shs_advisory_council



Jeremiah Olguin
Sidney Bentz
Yaritza Calderon
Ashley Rogers
Aileen Velasco
Robby Ta


Taylor Peters
Samara Linton
Gabby Sammon
Tarashea Boyd
Ollie Cockrum


Zoe Washington
Ky Hudlin
Joyce Davis
Samara Johnson


Erik Moreno
Dayana Orueta
Chris Bui
Katy Romero
Cara Abbott