December 2, 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas

Snack gift basket

Do you know someone who loves snacks? Well here is the perfect Christmas gift idea. All you need is an adorable empty gift basket and any snacks they like. For example, you could fill the gift basket up with candy bars, chips, popcorn, and their favorite drinks.

Home pampering gift basket

Self-care is very important. A pampering gift basket is a great Christmas gift. You just need an empty gift basket and self-care products. For example body lotion, face masks, scented candles, fluffy slippers, loofah, and more.


Everyone loves money right? well here is an idea. You could surprise someone with money. All you need is money, an empty pack of gum, and tape. Roll the money up individually and place them in the gum packet then tape the gum packet closed. They will be surprised when they open it.

“Money money money” Mr. Krabs