May 22, 2024

Principle Advisory Council SuperSuperSac Meeting

On Wednesday, South High’s PAC attended this fall’s SuperSuperSac Meeting (Superintendent’s Student Dialogue session) with other councils from Wichita high schools. They met at the School Service Center and discussed WPS’s goals for high school students. These goals include increasing the graduation rates of seniors, 3rd-grade reading skills, certifications, and college credits.

Later in the day, students split off into groups and discussed the goals of WPS’s Graduation+ program. This program aims to help seniors graduate with a diploma and at least one market-value asset. Market value assets include work-based learning (job shadowing or internships), dual credit, entrepreneurship experience, and industry-recognized credentials. The groups of students came up with great ideas on how more high schoolers can be recognized for their accomplishments. The PAC enjoyed their time at SuperSuperSac and will be back this upcoming winter.