May 24, 2024

“Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8”: Elon Musk Charges $8 for Twitter Verification

The ownership of twitter by Elon Musk began on October 27, 2022, for a hefty $44 billion. Elon Musk began buying shares of the social media company Twitter, in January 2022. Elon Musk claims that he is buying Twitter to “help humanity” and to give the community a voice, However his actions say different.

With approximately 450 million monthly active users. Roughly 300,000 of Twitter users reported 237.8 million users have a blue-check verification, and those accounts will need to pay the $8 monthly fee to retain their blue-check status, with many saying they’re not likely to pay it.

“If we can get enough verified users, and we are going to prioritize twitter search, replies, mentions by verified users first.” Elon states.

Many Twitter users already had a problem with silencing their voice because more powerful and wealthier outlets were overshadowing their side of things, their opinions and now it is like a blatant system that celebrates that fact. For some reason because it’s Elon, they’re like “no it’s good now”.

Elon Musk shared this meme to defend the $8 monthly verification fee for twitter accounts comparing it to how people would go to Starbucks and pay the $8 on their overpriced coffee. For the satisfaction of only having it for 30 minutes while you can pay $8 a month for 30 days of a twitter verification.