June 15, 2024

Princess Charlotte Told Off by Camilia During the Queen’s funeral

During the Queen’s funeral, Camilia scolded and told off Princess Charlotte during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. She frowned at her behavior, before pointing her out and telling Kate to ‘take her’. During Elizabeth’s funeral, Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, took part in the proceedings. During the service, the children behaved impeccably.

During a procession to Wellington Arch where Queen Consort, Camilia, kept the children’s behavior in line.

Prince George apparently pinched his sister. Princess Charlotte reacted to his force, yelping in pain before facing her brother saying, “OW!”

Meghan Markle just gave a tender look and smile, but not Camilia. She found Charlotte’s behavior unacceptable, rude, and unnecessary.

According to My London, Camilia is rumored to have frowned and pointed at Charlotte before giving Kate, (Princess of Wales), a harsh stare.

One viewer who was watching it on a live stream mentioned, “Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a small disagreement. Look at the Queen Consort, Camilia.”

Another one said, “If the boy pinched her, why is she getting into trouble?”

A third fan added, “They’re children.”

Some of the royal fans disagree with the behavior.

Another fan tweeted, “The Little Princess Charlotte behaved impeccably during her great-grandmother’s funeral.”

Another fan refuted the claims, “Princess Charlotte’s behavior at the Queen’s funeral was impeccable, she was a proper little lady, she even looked after Prince George. She is a credit to her parents, and it is evident how supportive she will be to George when he becomes King.”

Both Princess Charlotte and Prince George will be attending King Charles III Coronation next year, with their parents William and Kate Middleton.

In this picture is King Charles and Queen Camilia Consort during the Queen’s funeral. Camilia has known Charles longer than Lady Di has. Even when Charles and Diana met, Camilia was still part of Charles’ life even during the wedding, when William and Harry were born, and during Di’s funeral. She was like a third wheel trying to win Charles when Diana wasn’t looking when she obviously was.

In my opinion, Diana should be next to Charles. Not Camilia. She should be there with William and Harry and her grandchildren.