May 19, 2024

Colts hire Jeff Saturday as Interim Head Coach

On Monday, the Indianapolis Colts made a shocking move after firing head coach Frank Reich. The new interim head coach for the rest of the year will be former Colts offensive lineman and consultant, Jeff Saturday.

The Colts hired Reich in 2018 and has led the team to an overall record of 41-35-1, including the playoffs. But the real deal breaker was that the Colts had started the 2022 season 3-5-1.

However, Reich has never had it easy as the Colts head coach, as he has had to work with six different starting quarterbacks in five seasons due to Andrew Luck’s retirement.

Saturday’s coaching experience

Jeff Saturday, 47, has absolutely no college or NFL coaching experience. Since retiring he has be the head coach at Hebron Christian Academy, a high school in Georgia, where he has finished 20-16 across three seasons.

We shall have to wait and see what Saturday can do for this team. Will he lead them upward in the right direction? Or even more down the summit? If he can lead them upward, it is safe to say that he could be offered a permanent job as the head coach.

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