May 19, 2024

Daylight Saving Time Increasing Road Dangers

An hour difference in the time change can have a larger impact than you think. The time change can usually make people oddly tired and can typically take a while to adjust. Which bring people to get drowsy on the roads causing more frequent accidents on the road.

 The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has a warning for drivers: Daylight Savings Time has an effect on the way some of us drive and here are some tips from them:

1. Get plenty of rest! When you drive drowsy, you’re driving dangerously. 

2. Watch for pedestrians while backing up.

3. Turn your headlights on so that you’re more visible to others.

4. Increase your following distance, especially if the sun is in your eyes!

5. Watch for children and others who might be outside in the lighter evening hours.

Car accidents are just part of the risks that can occur during the week after the shift to daylight saving time. Researchers have seen a rise in Cardiovascular disease, with a 24% higher risk of heart attacks. Injuries, including a 6% spike in fatal car accidents. Stroke rate, which increases by 8%.