December 4, 2023

Season 5 of The Crown is out now

God save The Crown.

Netflix’s 5 of 6 seasons royal soap opera about the royal family shows that it doesn’t need saving. This new season of the Crown covers the time of the Windsor clan. Now there’s a 3rd cast of actors taking on the major roles.

Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth (Umbridge in Harry Potter).

Dominic West as Prince Charles.

Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip.

And Elizabeth Debicki as Lady Di.

The series has continued with the saga of Diana and Charles and started a path to conclude the story that didn’t actually end in real life until two months ago. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown attempted to create entertainment for the royal family without offending too much, but of course, people were offended.

Creator Peter Morgan does his best to serve many masters in the 10 new episodes. (They were all filmed before the Queen’s death). The series has lost thread of storytelling and so many viewers.

“It’s a shame that, just as the real story is more eventful and nuanced. The Crown falls ever duller and flatter.”

The seasons starts off entering the early 1990s, introducing the audience to older actors in their new roles. Elizabeth tries to cling to the vestiges of the monarchy, Charles has both his mother and wife up his butt, keep in mind that his relationship with Camilla gets stronger, Philip is seeking new adventures, and Diana is physically trapped in the life she didn’t think would turn out the way it would. Some future episodes will seek leaked phone calls that Charles and Camilla had, a fire at Windsor Castle, TV interviews, and of course Charles and Diana’s separation and divorce.

Not saying anything else, go watch the show on Netflix which is streaming now.