December 10, 2023

College Football Power Rankings

Georgia moves back into the #1 spot of the Power Rankings after a big win over Tennessee. It may have been a turning point for the Bulldogs in Kirby Smart’s seventh season.

Georgia’s convincing win did not ruin Tennessee’s College Football Playoff chances, as they dropped down to only #5.

There are only four undefeated teams remaining. There could be a max of 3 at the end of the season since considering that Ohio State and Michigan face each other during Rivalry Week.

The Pac-12 continues to be deep. Oregon, USC, and UCLA are still playoff contenders.

1Georgia^ 29-0
2Ohio StateDown 19-0
3TCU^ 19-0
4Michigan^ 19-0
5TennesseeDown 38-1
6LSU^ 77-2
7Oregon^ 18-1
8USC^ 28-1
9UCLA^ 28-1
10AlabamaDown 37-2
11Utah^ 17-2
12Ole Miss^ 28-1
13ClemsonDown 78-1
14North Carolina^ 28-1
15Tulane^ 38-1
16Penn State^ 37-2
17UCF^ 37-2
18Liberty^ 78-1
19NC State^ 27-2
20Norge DameNR6-3
22Kansas StateDown 136-3
23IllinoisDown 87-2

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